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about.aboutSoftware About Open Journal Systems
about.aboutThisPublishingSystem More information about the publishing system, Platform and Workflow by OJS/PKP.
about.aboutThisPublishingSystem.altText OJS Editorial and Publishing Process
about.archiving Archiving
about.authorFees Author Fees
about.authorFeesMessage This journal charges the following author fees.
about.authorGuidelines Author Guidelines
about.availableSubscriptionTypes Subscription Types Contact
about.copyrightNotice Copyright Notice
about.delayedOpenAccess Delayed Open Access
about.delayedOpenAccessDescription1 The contents of this journal will be available in an open access format
about.delayedOpenAccessDescription2 month(s) after an issue is published.
about.editorialPolicies Editorial Policies
about.editorialTeam Editorial Team
about.editorialTeam.biography Biography
about.focusAndScope Focus and Scope
about.history Journal History
about.memberships Memberships
about.onlineSubmissions.login Login
about.onlineSubmissions.newSubmission Make a new submission
about.onlineSubmissions.register Register
about.onlineSubmissions.registrationRequired {$login} or {$register} to make a submission.
about.onlineSubmissions.submissionActions {$newSubmission} or {$viewSubmissions}.
about.onlineSubmissions.submitToSection Make a new submission to the <a href="{$url}">{$name}</a> section.
about.onlineSubmissions.viewSubmissions view your pending submissions
about.openAccessPolicy Open Access Policy
about.peerReviewProcess Peer Review Process
about.privacyStatement Privacy Statement
about.publicationFrequency Publication Frequency
about.sectionPolicies Section Policies
about.statistics Statistics
about.submissionPreparationChecklist Submission Preparation Checklist
about.submissions Submissions
about.subscriptions Subscriptions
about.subscriptions.individual Individual Subscriptions
about.subscriptions.institutional Institutional Subscriptions
about.subscriptionsContact Subscriptions Contact
about.subscriptionTypes.cost Cost
about.subscriptionTypes.duration Duration
about.subscriptionTypes.format Format Name
api._payments.400.invalidPaymentMethod The payment method you selected is not supported.
api.announcements.400.contextsNotMatched The announcement you requested is not part of this journal.
api.contexts.403.contextsDidNotMatch You can not view or edit this journal unless you make a request to the journal's API or the site-wide API.
api.contexts.403.notAllowed You do not have permission to view this journal.
api.contexts.403.notAllowedDelete You do not have permission to delete this journal.
api.contexts.403.notAllowedEdit You do not have permission to edit this journal.
api.contexts.403.requestedDisabledContexts You can only view journals that have been enabled.
api.contexts.403.requiresContext You can not edit this journal from the site-wide API.
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