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Usage: {$scriptName} {$pluginName} [command] ...
import [xmlFileName] [journal_path] [--user_name] ...
export [xmlFileName] [journal_path] articles [articleId1] [articleId2] ...
export [xmlFileName] [journal_path] article [articleId]
export [xmlFileName] [journal_path] issues [issueId1] [issueId2] ...
export [xmlFileName] [journal_path] issue [issueId]

Additional parameters are required for importing data as follows, depending
on the root node of the XML document.

If the root node is <article> or <articles>, additional parameters are required.
The following formats are accepted:

{$scriptName} {$pluginName} import [xmlFileName] [journal_path] [--user_name]
issue_id [issueId] section_id [sectionId]

{$scriptName} {$pluginName} import [xmlFileName] [journal_path] [--user_name]
issue_id [issueId] section_name [name]

{$scriptName} {$pluginName} import [xmlFileName] [journal_path]
issue_id [issueId] section_abbrev [abbrev]

Multiple failing checks

The translations in several languages have failing checks


The string uses three dots (...) instead of an ellipsis character (…)