Source Context Failing checks
Usage: {$scriptName} {$pluginName} [command] ...
import [xmlFileName] [press_path] [optional flags]
export [xmlFileName] [press_path]
export [xmlFileName] [press_path] [role_path1] [role_path2] ...

Optional flags:
continue_on_error: If specified, do not stop importing users if an error occurs

send_notify: If specified, send notification emails containing usernames
and passwords to imported users

Import users into myPress from myImportFile.xml, continuing on error:
{$scriptName} {$pluginName} import myImportFile.xml myPress continue_on_error

Export all users from myPress:
{$scriptName} {$pluginName} export myExportFile.xml myPress

Export all users registered as reviewers, along with their reviewer roles only:
{$scriptName} {$pluginName} export myExportFile.xml myPress reviewer

Multiple failing checks

The translations in several languages have failing checks


The string uses three dots (...) instead of an ellipsis character (…)