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Context English Serbian (latin) Actions
common.allDownloads All Downloads Sva preuzimanja
common.navigation.sidebar Sidebar Bočna traka Site Navigation Navigacija na sajtu
common.navigation.siteContext Site Context Navigation Kontekstualna navigacija na sajtu
common.navigation.user User Navigation Korisnička navigacija
common.tasks Tasks Zadaci
common.list List Lista
common.grid Grid Mreža
common.confirmDelete Are you sure you wish to delete this item? This action cannot be undone. Da li ste sigurni da želite da obrišete ovaj element? Ova operacija ne može biti vraćena.
common.abstract Abstract Apstrakt
common.accepted Accepted Prihvaćeno
common.acknowledged Acknowledged Potvrđeno
common.action Action Akcija
common.activate Activate Aktiviraj Active Aktivno
common.inactive Inactive
common.add Add Dodaj
common.addCCBCC Add CC/BCC
common.addFiles Add Files
common.addSelf Add Self Dodelite sebi
common.attachedFiles Attached Files
common.attachFiles Attach Files
common.attachSelected Attach Selected Name Ime
common.all All Sve
common.alphaList A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C Č Ć D Đ E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S Š T U V W X Y Z Ž
common.titleSmallWords of a the and an or nor but is if then else when at from by on off for in out over to into with Npr. kao u srpskom jeziku reči: ako, niti, ili, u, sa, na, preko
common.alreadyAssigned Assigned Dodeljeno
common.altText Alternate text Dopunski opisni tekst
common.altTextInstructions Describe this image for visitors viewing the site in a text-only browser or with assistive devices. Example: "Our editor speaking at the PKP conference."
common.and and i


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English Serbian (latin)
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